ING Cafes – Coming Direct to You

The news these past few months has all been depressing. Everything is on the way down, but wait, there is one piece of good news. ING Direct has quietly opened up cafés all over the country – and no you do not have to buy stocks and bonds to get your coffee. This great community program by ING is now a gathering place to drink some coffee, surf the web and also learn more about how to save your precious dollar.
All over the country, ING representatives have been showing up at the local cafeterias offering free advice on personal finances and other small business related matters. ING says the ultimate point of all this is to teach the consumer how to save money. With the country in the shape that it is, ING’s move is considered refreshing, innovative and much welcomed.

What is quickly being learned from ING cafes is that the average consumer has been left behind when it comes to the management of finances  - chiefly because of the jargon and poor communication with major financial institutions. All the major banks use words that make little sense to the consumer and it always appears as if their ads are for someone else. 

It is great to see ING take this marketing approach and talk to people in their own surrounding with jargon that makes sense. Despite all the media hype about the real estate doom, the majority of consumers remain clueless as to what is sub prime. This new approach by ING will make it much easier for the average consumer to seek financial help and enjoy coffee at the same time

ING is engaging people at the right time to teach about savings. ING Direct knows that someone has to go to bat for the consumer and they have stepped forward.

For the consumer who wants to learn how to save and have some great coffee, take the first step and visit any one of the ING cafes around the block. By the way surfing is free at any ING cafes.

CNBBankDirect Savings Account

Open a high yield savings account right now and receive a great rate with CNB Bank Direct. CNB Bank Direct delivers a solid savings account offer with a rate that pays well.

Who is CNB Bank Direct and why should you trust them with your hard earned cash? CNB Bank Direct is a division of Citizens National Bank. They are looking to expand and grow via online offerings such as their high yield savings account.
Ally Bank
CNB Bank Direct is FDIC insured and has established themselves as a solid bank in the City of Ohio. Now they’re branching out online and bringing a great online savings account to you.
Like other online savings accounts, there aren’t many frills associated with the account. What is does offer is a solid rate that is one of the highest available online now.
Benefits listed on the CNB BankDirect Savings Account are:
FDIC Insured
No Monthly Service Fees
No Minimums
There are others that are listed on the site but they really aren’t benefits as they come standard with most online savings accounts.
24/7 Online Access
6 Withdrawal Limit (Federal Limit)
As with other online savings accounts, you’ll need to fund this account from an existing online checking or savings account. So you’ll have to verify deposits and such.

This savings account is fairly new but will catch on quick if it continues to lead with a high rate. Again, no monthly minimums and that’s always great.

Great place for your cash, with no long term commitments.

Online Savings Accounts Rise in Interest

CNBC’s Carmen Wong Ulrich discusses the dash to online savings accounts. As the savings rate grows and we begin to save more, we look to online savings accounts as a safe haven for cash. 

Online savings accounts in the past years have paid higher rates than savings accounts at traditional banks. Now that investors and savers for that matter have been burned by significant losses in their 401ks, they are now looking for safer places to put money as well as the possibility of earning some interest.
Some think that it might be too good to be true and even question the banks FDIC insurance. The fact that investors and savers are now starting to shift cash into online savings accounts shows that they aren’t confident in other types of investments right now.
Who can blame them? Everything they’ve ever heard has blown up in their face.

Saving – Good For Us, Bad for the Economy

As Americans begin to save more and spend less, the economy begins to worsen and worsen. It seems that even though saving is good for you and me, it can cause a negative effect on the economy. 

Unfortunately, because we’re not spending like there’s no tomorrow and we have unlimited credit card limits the savers are becoming a thorn in the side of a national recovery. 
Even though writers like Jon Markman write how savers can have a negative impact on the recovery, I still strongly agree that those that finally get “it”, continue to save.
Are we supposed to put our retirement and family’s sake in the governments hands and begin spending again by buying homes we can’t afford, taking out home equity lines of credit that we don’t need and applying for a Macy’s credit card to receive the 20% discount.
I think not.

America Saves Week – Start Your Savings!

There’s more than one reason that we’re in this mess. One of those, that I’ve mentioned in previous articles is the fact that Americans just don’t save. The fact is that the personal savings rate has hit near zero and for most Americans, (including myself, at one time) is that we simply spend more than we earn.

Out comes America Saves Week, which is a nationwide campaign that will build and drive awareness on saving. We hope the message and actions that come from this campaign stretch far beyond this week. 

Their mission: To Help Individuals and Families Save and Build Wealth

So how does it work, and just how can you get involved? During America Saves Week, individual will be encouraged and assisted to assess their savings progress and to take action. Several organizations are taking part and you find them here.
So what if you’re not associated with any of these organizations and still want to take part? Everyday this week we’ll be sharing videos and articles that has created to help educate and promote saving as well as some helpful ideas on saving planning, saving for big ticket items and effectively building wealth.
To kick things off I’m posting a video on a situation we’ve all been in. You’re at the register or a store and know you don’t have enough cash. Out comes that credit card with the high APR! Not so so fast, Credit Card Guy is here.

ING Encourages More Saving

We all know where social security is heading these days. From the looks of things, social security isn’t looking like something you can count on heading into your twilight years. 

It’s fine for those baby boomers that have will almost be guaranteed a check until their final years. My question is what about us? Those in our our 20s and 30s that see our weekly paycheck get deducted a so called retirement plan that we may never see.
Though, ING’s message on this billboard is no more than a message to catch someones eye when they’re driving down the freeway – there is some truth to it. 
That truth is that those that are prepared and have saved and saved for tough times and retirement are those that are going to be well off beyond their “workable” years.
So start. Start saving and start saving now.
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Save Money with Venture Bank Direct

Current Yield: 3.60% APY as of 12/4/2008

Venture Bank Direct offers another great online savings account. The yield has been very competitive for some time now. The savings account is solid from top to bottom.
When I first received this savings account offer from one of our readers, my first question was who is Venture Bank Direct? 

Venture Bank Direct has become a solid bank that’s backed by the FDIC since the year 1979. The bank has been through a few name changes. What hasn’t changed is their steady growth and focus on the customer.
As with all savings accounts you find online, the rate is variable and currently sits at 3.60% APY. Not bad when you consider it’s only a $1 minimum deposit. It also comes with the new limit of FDIC Insurance of 250k. Though it’s very likely you’re like me and don’t have 250k sitting around. If you do, why are you reading this?
The account does provide a great way of diversifying your money. I’ve a big proponent of opening multiple savings accounts. One of the troubles that savers have when getting started is having easy access to the savings account. Savers that have easy access to their savings are more likely to access it for everyday expenses. This is what exactly prevented me from sticking to my savings goals.
This account is a perfect fit, if you’re looking to create an account that you don’t have easy access to. My suggestion would be to open the account. Start an automatic savings plan and goal and start saving. You’ll build up your savings much more quicker that way.
The Wise Choice Savings Account that Venture Bank Direct provides is solid. The online banking is more advanced that what you find in traditional bank offerings. If you’re those that manage finances like you’re a Fortune 500 company, you’ll be happy to know that you can download your transactions to MS Money, Quicken and Quickbooks. Pretty neat, eh?
The savings account has a pretty easy sign up process online. As always, it will take you a little while to fund the account and you might have to wait a little bit for funds to clear but that is the price you pay for safety. 
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