Trying to Discover a Safe Bank? – Try Univest

Univest is a small bank that has quietly assumed the position of being one of the top banks in the country for several reasons.  The Univest savings account is a strong offering by a strong rooted bank.
As they state on their site, there are several reasons to trust your dollars with Univest Bank. They’re a stable bank that has solid customer service and an assortment of tools. 
There’s still not a solid grade on Univest but they sure seem to have covered all of concerns of the average consumer.
With no monthly or maintenance fees, Univest is unique bank. One also has the choice of combining the Internet Savings Account with Univest’s Online checking account. This checking account can be accessed anytime online. Other great benefits of Univest includes its easy to use online money transfer tools.

For people with less cash, the Anytime Online savings account can be used as over draft protection for your Anytime online checking account. The higher than national average interest rates can also help you save your hard-earned money.

When you transfer money from your Univest online savings account or your Anytime Online funds transfers to any bank in the country, there is no charge.

Univest is all paperless. You can view your account online.

With a Univest account, all transactions at an ATM are free within the AllPoint Network and the account is an FDIC insured savings account.

The rates are low and are what you expect from a typical bank. However, the bank seems to put the customer first and that can be worth more than a higher interest rate for some.

Keep the Change – Bank of America

Bank of America is offering a creative and fun way to save start saving money. It’s called Keep the Change. The way it works is that Bank of America rounds up every purchase made with your Bank of America Check Card to the nearest dollar and then transfers the difference to your savings account from the checking account. It is a very simple and rewarding program.
Bank of America will also match the savings made from this program 100% for the first three months which means every transfer made through the program will put the same amount of money in your account and when the three months are over Bank of America will match savings at 5% a year, every year which means even more money in your savings account every year.
This program will give you up to an extra $250 per year and who can’t use a little extra money these days? What could be simpler?
And the best thing is that you will be saving money with purchases you make everyday such as coffee, gas and groceries. This will especially pay off for those that rely on their check card for everyday purchases and even change the spending habits of others.
The only negative aspect of Keep The Change is that the program only works with your Bank of America Savings Account and that account is very accessible. The best savings plans are those that involve savings account that aren’t easily reachable. Saving money is easier when it is out of sight. In this case, it’s right next to your checking account.
All that is needed to take part and to start saving money with this rewarding Keep The Change program is a Bank of America checking account, check card and savings account.
Get started.

CNBBankDirect Savings Account

Open a high yield savings account right now and receive a great rate with CNB Bank Direct. CNB Bank Direct delivers a solid savings account offer with a rate that pays well.

Who is CNB Bank Direct and why should you trust them with your hard earned cash? CNB Bank Direct is a division of Citizens National Bank. They are looking to expand and grow via online offerings such as their high yield savings account.
Ally Bank
CNB Bank Direct is FDIC insured and has established themselves as a solid bank in the City of Ohio. Now they’re branching out online and bringing a great online savings account to you.
Like other online savings accounts, there aren’t many frills associated with the account. What is does offer is a solid rate that is one of the highest available online now.
Benefits listed on the CNB BankDirect Savings Account are:
FDIC Insured
No Monthly Service Fees
No Minimums
There are others that are listed on the site but they really aren’t benefits as they come standard with most online savings accounts.
24/7 Online Access
6 Withdrawal Limit (Federal Limit)
As with other online savings accounts, you’ll need to fund this account from an existing online checking or savings account. So you’ll have to verify deposits and such.

This savings account is fairly new but will catch on quick if it continues to lead with a high rate. Again, no monthly minimums and that’s always great.

Great place for your cash, with no long term commitments.

Find the Best High Rate Savings Accounts

It seems like every major and online bank has a high rate savings account. How do you begin to compare? Is it even worth opening one when your bank or credit union already gives you an option of opening one?

Yes, it is. First of all the rates, you’re going to receive are mostly 8 to 10 times more than what your current bank or credit union is offering. It wouldn’t be a smart move to stick your hard earned cash in an account that’s paying under 1 percent because that’s likely what your bank or credit union is going to give you.
The rates don’t mean much if you’re just starting to save. If you do stick to your savings plan, you will start to see the benefits of a high rate and reap its rewards.
Smart saving includes searching for a great account to put your money in. There’s a great deal of accounts out there. I’d bet that it’s not at your current bank. 
Go ahead and get started. Setting realistic goals goes a long way in making sure you reach them. 
Get moving. There’s a lot of interest to be earned.

Save Smart with a ETrade Savings Acccount

Current Yield: 1.70% APY as of 3/25/2008

The benefits of not having brick and mortar buildings and simply being cost efficient is beginning to pay off for ETrade. ETrade has created a smart savings solution for savers. It’s ETrades Max Rate Savings account is an excellent solution for those that are looking to open an online savings account.

Recently, due to market conditions most savings accounts have been getting hammered. Banks and brokerages have been handcuffed by the Fed’s interest rate moves. ETrade has held it’s own and its online savings account has weathered the current conditions. 
The rate has more than held it’s own and shouldn’t drop much further. You should know that it IS a variable interest rate. The account has no minimums as well as no monthly services fees. It is held to the same restrictions that all other savings accounts are held to in terms of limits on monthly withdrawals.
Our holy grail here at Interest Savings Accounts has always been to try and keep your savings account untouched. We know it’s hard. Life’s unpredictable and there’s always seems to be a reason to dig into your savings.
When you’re ready to begin saving, whatever you’re saving for, reach out to ETrade and open a savings account.