Star One Credit Union – Savings Money Market Account

For billions of years, stars in the great unknown of outer space have formed into formidable celestial bodies of undeniable energy and power. 

Credit Unions formed much the same way, coalescing the dollars of cooperative communities into formidable financial institutions of undeniable savings and interest. Star One Credit Union, then, is appropriately named- but unlike its astronomical counterpart, it is unlikely that Star One Credit Union will one day turn into a super nova, obliterating the majority of planets in our solar system. 

Not impossible; just unlikely.

Instead of a science fiction apocalypse scenario, Star One Credit Union instead offers a Money Market Savings account with a good rate. This institution is a solid savings opportunity. 

It is a hassle to open this savings account as it’s for members only. The membership application is cumbersome and isn’t recommended unless this credit union one you’re dying to get into. I only see that if you’re looking for a local credit union.

They do offer all sorts of nice online goodies (easy online access, bill pay, etc.) to make maintaining your accounts as convenient as possible.

This particular Savings and Checking plan is pretty straightforward, but that is indeed a simple beauty to be desired in a credit union. And with a 4-star rating from and insure by the NCUA, Star One Credit Union is unlikely to have a supernova meltdown on you anytime soon.