Bank of America’s – Add It Up – Savings Program

Bank of America’s Add It Up savings program is another great way to start saving cash on everyday purchases. 
Add It Up allows you to earn cash back, sometimes up to 20% on purchases made with partnered retailers. The percentage received is on top of any retailers discounts.
To get started, all you need to have is an existing checking, savings or credit card account.  You can open an account online or in the branch. You can enroll online as well.
Like Bank of America’s Keep the Change program, the program works because it triggers automatic saving deposits into the account of your choice. Saving money is challenging at times. Bank of America provides a great solution and an option to continually save money.
One of the best features is that you have an option to have the cash back deposited into a savings or checking account. Hopefully, you make the best use of the program and have the cash back deposited into your Bank of America savings account.
A combination of this product, Keep the Change and a high yield online savings account can go a long way in diversifying and growing your hard earned cash.
Right now, it’s best to look at every avenue that’s available to save additional dollars. Even in the form of cash back on purchases. 
See Amanda cover the basics on Bank Of America’s Add It Up Savings program.