America Saves Week – Start Your Savings!

There’s more than one reason that we’re in this mess. One of those, that I’ve mentioned in previous articles is the fact that Americans just don’t save. The fact is that the personal savings rate has hit near zero and for most Americans, (including myself, at one time) is that we simply spend more than we earn.

Out comes America Saves Week, which is a nationwide campaign that will build and drive awareness on saving. We hope the message and actions that come from this campaign stretch far beyond this week. 

Their mission: To Help Individuals and Families Save and Build Wealth

So how does it work, and just how can you get involved? During America Saves Week, individual will be encouraged and assisted to assess their savings progress and to take action. Several organizations are taking part and you find them here.
So what if you’re not associated with any of these organizations and still want to take part? Everyday this week we’ll be sharing videos and articles that has created to help educate and promote saving as well as some helpful ideas on saving planning, saving for big ticket items and effectively building wealth.
To kick things off I’m posting a video on a situation we’ve all been in. You’re at the register or a store and know you don’t have enough cash. Out comes that credit card with the high APR! Not so so fast, Credit Card Guy is here.