Provident Direct – High Yield Online Savings Account

A Provident Direct high yield savings account online offers a high rates. A $100 deposit will earn a 2.10% interest rate! This rate is higher because it’s an online savings account. 
Provident Direct is the online arm of Provident Bank and has just been acquired by MT&T bank.

The money saved in this type of account is FDIC-insured which means the money is well-protected and invested with a well-trusted bank.

The money in your high yield online savings account can be easily accessed online, through an ATM or at any branch.

This online savings account offers a solid rate along with no minimums and no monthly fees. Deposits can only be made by direct deposit or online transfers. Acceptable, because of the high yield.

If you want to start immediately earning a higher interest with your savings account, open a Provident high yield online account here.

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