Keep the Change – Bank of America

Bank of America is offering a creative and fun way to save start saving money. It’s called Keep the Change. The way it works is that Bank of America rounds up every purchase made with your Bank of America Check Card to the nearest dollar and then transfers the difference to your savings account from the checking account. It is a very simple and rewarding program.
Bank of America will also match the savings made from this program 100% for the first three months which means every transfer made through the program will put the same amount of money in your account and when the three months are over Bank of America will match savings at 5% a year, every year which means even more money in your savings account every year.
This program will give you up to an extra $250 per year and who can’t use a little extra money these days? What could be simpler?
And the best thing is that you will be saving money with purchases you make everyday such as coffee, gas and groceries. This will especially pay off for those that rely on their check card for everyday purchases and even change the spending habits of others.
The only negative aspect of Keep The Change is that the program only works with your Bank of America Savings Account and that account is very accessible. The best savings plans are those that involve savings account that aren’t easily reachable. Saving money is easier when it is out of sight. In this case, it’s right next to your checking account.
All that is needed to take part and to start saving money with this rewarding Keep The Change program is a Bank of America checking account, check card and savings account.
Get started.

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