ING Cafes – Coming Direct to You

The news these past few months has all been depressing. Everything is on the way down, but wait, there is one piece of good news. ING Direct has quietly opened up cafés all over the country – and no you do not have to buy stocks and bonds to get your coffee. This great community program by ING is now a gathering place to drink some coffee, surf the web and also learn more about how to save your precious dollar.
All over the country, ING representatives have been showing up at the local cafeterias offering free advice on personal finances and other small business related matters. ING says the ultimate point of all this is to teach the consumer how to save money. With the country in the shape that it is, ING’s move is considered refreshing, innovative and much welcomed.

What is quickly being learned from ING cafes is that the average consumer has been left behind when it comes to the management of finances  - chiefly because of the jargon and poor communication with major financial institutions. All the major banks use words that make little sense to the consumer and it always appears as if their ads are for someone else. 

It is great to see ING take this marketing approach and talk to people in their own surrounding with jargon that makes sense. Despite all the media hype about the real estate doom, the majority of consumers remain clueless as to what is sub prime. This new approach by ING will make it much easier for the average consumer to seek financial help and enjoy coffee at the same time

ING is engaging people at the right time to teach about savings. ING Direct knows that someone has to go to bat for the consumer and they have stepped forward.

For the consumer who wants to learn how to save and have some great coffee, take the first step and visit any one of the ING cafes around the block. By the way surfing is free at any ING cafes.

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