CNBBankDirect Savings Account

Open a high yield savings account right now and receive a great rate with CNB Bank Direct. CNB Bank Direct delivers a solid savings account offer with a rate that pays well.

Who is CNB Bank Direct and why should you trust them with your hard earned cash? CNB Bank Direct is a division of Citizens National Bank. They are looking to expand and grow via online offerings such as their high yield savings account.
Ally Bank
CNB Bank Direct is FDIC insured and has established themselves as a solid bank in the City of Ohio. Now they’re branching out online and bringing a great online savings account to you.
Like other online savings accounts, there aren’t many frills associated with the account. What is does offer is a solid rate that is one of the highest available online now.
Benefits listed on the CNB BankDirect Savings Account are:
FDIC Insured
No Monthly Service Fees
No Minimums
There are others that are listed on the site but they really aren’t benefits as they come standard with most online savings accounts.
24/7 Online Access
6 Withdrawal Limit (Federal Limit)
As with other online savings accounts, you’ll need to fund this account from an existing online checking or savings account. So you’ll have to verify deposits and such.

This savings account is fairly new but will catch on quick if it continues to lead with a high rate. Again, no monthly minimums and that’s always great.

Great place for your cash, with no long term commitments.

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