Save Smart with a ETrade Savings Acccount

Current Yield: 1.70% APY as of 3/25/2008

The benefits of not having brick and mortar buildings and simply being cost efficient is beginning to pay off for ETrade. ETrade has created a smart savings solution for savers. It’s ETrades Max Rate Savings account is an excellent solution for those that are looking to open an online savings account.

Recently, due to market conditions most savings accounts have been getting hammered. Banks and brokerages have been handcuffed by the Fed’s interest rate moves. ETrade has held it’s own and its online savings account has weathered the current conditions. 
The rate has more than held it’s own and shouldn’t drop much further. You should know that it IS a variable interest rate. The account has no minimums as well as no monthly services fees. It is held to the same restrictions that all other savings accounts are held to in terms of limits on monthly withdrawals.
Our holy grail here at Interest Savings Accounts has always been to try and keep your savings account untouched. We know it’s hard. Life’s unpredictable and there’s always seems to be a reason to dig into your savings.
When you’re ready to begin saving, whatever you’re saving for, reach out to ETrade and open a savings account.

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